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Benefit Administration

Employee Benefits Administration: Select The Level Of Services You Need

Brand's Benefits Administration Will Enable Your Business To Engage In

  • ACA compliance.
  • Benefit enrollment.
  • Benefit selection.
  • Bill reconciliation.
  • Carrier connection.
  • Cobra administration.
  • Employee eligibility.

You can choose Brand's for the administration of just a few core employee benefits or our complete suite of benefit administration . Better yet, we'll custom design a solution to fit your needs and budget.  Brand's employee benefits administration solution is designed to work with your current benefits plan.  Integrated into your payroll department, will allow for greater efficiently.  We can offer:  

  • Calculation and remittance of 401(k)/403(b) contributions each pay period.
  • Section 125 plans to Flexible Spending Accounts administration; including "in-check"" reimbursement.
  • Calculation and remittance of Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions each pay period.

PLEASE NOTE: All files are immediately transferred and updated to your employees' appropriate partners!

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Brand's employee benefits administration solution is a fully integrated HR and payroll software solution.  What makes it unique is this: It allows businesses like yours to leverage existing employee and payroll data to help manage benefits administration activities.

Benefit Selection

  • Preview available coverage plans, with a licensed insurance broker of your choice, to decide which plan is right for your business and its employees.

Employee Eligibility

  • Automatic trigger sends a notification to the employer and employee when an employee becomes eligible for benefits after 90 days on payroll.

Benefits Enrollment

  • Register enrollees conveniently online.
  • Easily add additional new hires.
  • Alter plans due to life events.
  • Renew coverage during annual enrollment.

Carrier Connection

  • Direct connectivity (electronically) with your insurance carriers.

Bill Reconciliation

  • Eliminates employer's administrative responsibility towards invoice reconciliation.
  • Ensures payments are made only for covered participants and their dependents by a secure and reliable tracking system for benefits and status changes.
  • Detects account discrepancies, saving employers thousands of dollars in accurate invoice processing.
  • Secure transfer of benefit information data between payroll, human resources and vendors.


  • Distribution of notifications, correspondence, election packets, and COBRA termination notices as required by law.
  • Maintaining qualifying events and HIPAA loss-of-coverage data on-line.
  • Processing election forms and tracking key dates to ensure accurate and timely responses to  COBRA administrative requirements.

ACA Compliance

  • The complexities of the PPACA present a need for expert advising.
  • After the passing of the ACA, the market observed a 15% increase in businesses looking to outsource benefits administration.
  • CPS ensures compliance through data tracking.
  • Industry experts guarantee to stay on top of relevant news, updates, legislation and standards.

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