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Payroll is the most fundamental part of your business. Because we understand this, we made payroll simple.


Payroll Services

We Can Easliy Reduce Your Payroll Headaches And Keep Your Business 100% Compliant. 

Brand’s provides all sized businesses, as well as start-up organizations, with an easy and cost-effective way to process their company’s payroll.  More importantly, Brand’s knows your employees put their trust in you to pay them accurately; as well as properly track other payroll related items from their paycheck.  We take that obligation seriously.

Are You Already Using A Payroll Service?

If you are frustrated with your current payroll service, or tired of the annual invoice creep you are getting, you will find Brand’s refreshing in many ways.  We can offer your business scores of benefits:

  • Fortune 500 technology to help streamline your current payroll process.
  • Expanded report (500+ reports) options at no additional costs.  
  • 256-bit SSL security to keep your payroll information confidential and secure.
  • Huge savings as compared to the national payroll services.
  • Accurate tax filings; all local tax filings at no additional cost.
  • Optional pay-as-you-go workers compensation packages.
  • Bundled pricing options - no hidden fees.

Extensive Reporting Options For You And Your Accountant.

Throughout the year, Brand’s will provide you with a certified payroll professional to process your company’s payroll as well as access to our customer support team. In addition, you will have immediate, low-cost access to an HR hotline for complex HR questions.  You will also receive: 

Weekly And Monthly Reporting:

  • Job cost and managerial department summary.
  • Union reports.
  • Bank reconciliation reports.
  • 500+ reporting options (no additional cost)

Quarterly Reporting:

  • Laser printed federal, state, and local payroll tax returns.
  • Individual employee earnings records with full check detail.
  • Tax filing services, including instructions for manual fliers.
  • Direct shipping of quarterlies to your accountant.

Year-End Reporting:

  • Laser printed, ready to file W-2 forms.
  • Electronic and magnetic media filing as required; W-2 transmittal forms.
  • Other year-end tax forms such as Forms 940, 940-EZ, 1099-MISC, 1099-R and 1096.
  • Pre-sealed employee W-2 copies and earning statements, ready for mailing or distribution of W-2s on CD

More Benefits From Brand’s. 

  • Our Tax Compliance Center handles 100% of your business’ payroll tax and compliance needs.
  • We offer a customized import file that populates QuickBooks and other leading accounting software solutions.
  • Choose from 500+ payroll and HR reports.
  • A fully integrated Time & Labor Management solution.

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