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Time Management


Time Management is key to a productive business. We make time tracking easy, so that you can handle the tough stuff.

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Time and Labor

Brand's Can Solve Your Time And Labor Problems. . . In Less Than 60-Seconds.

Today's business environment demands a greater return on labor, from tighter cost controls, higher productivity and closer alignment with your business' strategic business goals. Moreover, the right time and labor management system can help yield greater labor returns; however, organizations still relying on paper time sheets or legacy systems are missing the huge impact a modern, state-of-the-art time and labor solution can have on their financials.

Competitive Pressures Require New Time And Labor Strategies.

Brand's Time and Labor management software will provide you with a proven solution to schedule and track hours worked and paid time off. Owners, CFOs and department managers can satisfy their wage and hour reporting requirements easily and cost-effectively by being able to:

  • Discourage absenteeism through automated distribution of written warnings.
  • Empower managers with greater scheduling information.
  • Keep labor costs under control.
  • Operate in the demanding regulatory environment.
  • Prevent and manager over- and/or under-staffing issues.
  • Simplify leave eligibility and notifications from an employee.
  • Track attendance and implement processes to maximize profitability.

You'll Have Access To Scores Of Time And Labor Management Reports And Controls.

  • Electronic reporting of hours worked for all hourly (non-exempt) employees. Most exempt employees should not be submitting paper timesheets.
  • Three methods for hourly (non-exempt) employees to report hours worked:
    • Electronic time sheet
    • Web clock
    • Time collection devices (TCDs).
  • Hourly (non-exempt) employees using an electronic time sheet or web clock will be able to enter time worked from their computer.
  • For exempt employees, paper reporting of hours worked is not required by university policy.

Now, more than ever before, businesses need to keep track of their labor costs to maximize their profitability.  And no matter what you are tracking, Brand's Time and Labor management software will help your organization make better decisions based on timely, accurate labor data.