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We’ve added a lot more humanity to Human Resources.

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The art of HR

HR can be one of the most confusing and overcomplicated challenges for business owners. Navigating these complex conundrums can make anyone crazy. Our system was built to allow business owners a completely integrated system enabling them to adjust seemingly difficult features in a flash. We understand that businesses are hiring, on-boarding and retaining employees at an astronomical rate. It’s time to stop wasting time.

Hiring &

Obtaining top tier talent is crucial for your business success. What most tend to overlook are the costs and time consumption associated with it. Our technology helps you minimize the recruiting process and elevate the pool of potential employees. When a new talent joins the team, our paperless technology handles the never-ending forms and handbooks to graciously gather all your important employee data and inform them of your operations and procedures via their own login and profile.

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Background Checks
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Employee Training


Compliance is easily one of the most complicated aspects of modern business. With the growing lists of rules, regulations, procedures, expectations and considerations, it’s a miracle any business can function. Luckily, we saw this coming and we have the tools to keep your business compliant.

  • Harassment Training
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance
  • ACA Compliance
  • COBRA Compliance


Your people are your partners in every sense of the word. Taking care of them and giving them more will yield more from them. We understand the complexities and cost involved with applying benefits and that’s why our team and technology is there. We’ll walk you through it and simplify the details.

  • Insurance Plans
  • 401(k) Upload
  • Employee PayDay Loans
  • Pre-Tax Benefits


When your employees can access, download and sign important documents on their own, your days go a lot smoother. This virtual office is updated in real time, giving your employees the tools to access all their payroll information without bothering you for it. Document downloading is a whole lot easier, from paystubs to W-2s to’s all there.

Pay History. Employees can view detailed information about their pay, including a breakdown of their paychecks.

Direct Deposit. Save time and confusion when employees securely take control of their own bank account and direct deposit preferences.

Annual Documents. Employees can obtain W-2s, paystubs and more on their own, 24/7.

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