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Scheduling is a nightmare, no doubt. That's why we offer a premium platform to ensure you're not losing money or your mind.

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You want time on your side

Tracking time has been one of the most tedious tasks in all of HR until now. Introducing interactive and intelligent clocking completely automates the exhausting past of manually inputting hours into payroll. The tendency for data loss and error is now eliminated, ensuring accuracy every time, keeping you in complete control. We’ve made it our mission to keep time on your side.


Magically monitor scheduling by overseeing and approving shift changes and requests digitally. Make calculated decisions based on data backed real-time reports to reduce valuable time and profit loss. Our automated system tracks nearly every touch point from hours, punches, overtime and even eligibility to ensure concise and compliant clocking.


Keeping your department and employees motivated is important to maintaining morale but  productivity and profits must be protected. Our tracking is tech driven to a T, transforming the typically paperwork riddled process into a precise PTO portal. Control is crucial; requests and approvals are updated in real-time and in constant communication with payroll and benefits for flawless functionality.


We offer an advanced application to keep track of complex business schedules. This state of the art system can create, maintain and adjust arduous scheduling tasks simply in just a few clicks of your mouse. Imagine a world where payroll and scheduling thrive in harmony. Our payroll and scheduling portals are designed to integrate flawlessly, facilitating changes across the board. Gone are the days of doubling your work, that’s why we call it Smart. ;)

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