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When dealing with payroll, precision is of utmost importance. Our portal was built with that in mind.

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Payroll perfected

We provide any business size and structure the ability to save money, time and stress by optimizing payroll procedures. Understanding that compliance and keeping your employees motivated is a must, we’ve put thoughtful research and development into perfecting our proprietary PayDeck. We provide a seamless switch for  business owners who are currently enrolled in payroll services elsewhere but aren't satisfied with the quality or consistency Brand’s clients speak so highly of.


We’ve taken the tedious work out of keeping your taxes in order. Let our automated systems and experienced tax experts deal with all the details so you can file your taxes with peace of mind.


Take advantage of our cutting-edge technology.  Save time and money not having to mail out paychecks and other documents. Deliver your employees their wages in any way they prefer.

Paperless Payroll. Receive a digital check that can be printed anywhere.

Direct Deposit. Deposit their wages directly into their bank accounts

PayCards. Put their pay onto a prepaid card for those without a bank account.


A fundamental element of our system is its fluidity. We’ve tailored this technology to be fully integratable across the board. What makes our system so seamless is the way we’ve enabled easy information transfer. No matter what accounting software you use, we can work with it. Our products flow flawlessly with your own business systems.

Fluid File. Customized to work with the current file formats you are using, including Sage, QuickBooks, SAP, Fund EZ, Rent Manager and many more.

Dynamic Deductions. Any autopay or deductions including garnishments and child  support, will fuse fully with the other aspects of the program. No data loss.

Ready Reporting. Our reports can be customized to export looking like yours.


Money coming from your company and going to your employees must be managed on every end. We offer a series of protection measures to keep your cash flow extremely secure. Protection is crucial when it comes to payroll.

Positive Pay. Checks are approved and accounted for via pre-processing. We send banks a master list of pre-authorized checks ensuring only approved names, amounts and dates are cashed.

Official Bank Check. Let us take the risk by having your payroll come directly from our own account, creating additional fraud protection and reducing liability.

Employee Self Service

We’ve developed advanced tools for you to wage work against your workload. These new options arm you to be the best boss you can be.

Payday DM’s. Nothing motivates employees more than a text filled with dollars.

Engaged Employment. Involved and informed employees always outperform.  Keep them learning and growing.

Advanced Admin. Electronically sign from anywhere, view documents via a cloud  cabinet and even review in real-time.

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Seeing our product in action and speaking to one of our payroll experts is the best way to witness our immense capabilities.
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