3 Ways You Can Streamline Your Hiring Process

October 24, 2022
Brand's Paycheck

At Brand’s, our mission is to reduce the burdens of running payroll and HR. That’s why we offer these services to ensure that you have the simplest hiring and onboarding experience possible.

  1. Applicant Tracking: Looking for new hires can be overwhelming. Let Brand’s lighten the load by sending your position listings out to the best possible job boards, managing incoming applications, and organizing interviews.
  2. Background Checks: It’s no secret that just one bad hire can have a negative impact on your company. Our screenings can help give you the security and peace of mind you need with each new applicant.
  3. Direct Deposit Updates: When transitioning between employees, keeping all of your information up to date can be a struggle. That’s why Brand’s will alert you of any direct deposit changes from new or former employees.

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