Don’t hold your breath waiting for your tax return: The IRS is Backed Up With Over 35 million Unprocessed Returns.

July 15, 2021
Brand's Paycheck

Still waiting for your tax returns? You’re not alone, according to a watchdog report. While the IRS is conducting tax audits, this taxpayer advocacy group has been conducting an audit of its own, discovering that the Internal Revenue Service is grappling with over 35 million unprocessed returns. This is four times more unprocessed returns than 2019, according to Business Insider. Too bad we can’t charge them a late filing penalty.

If you were relying on your IRS tax return to make up for margins in your business, there’s very little you can do to accelerate the process. However, we do offer some tools to help businesses who are strapped for cash. All of our clients are preapproved for up to $20,000 (with a max of up to $500,000)in payroll funding through Payro. This same-day funding solution can make up the gap for your employees’ payroll, should the need arise.

We will do everything we can to make sure that you get your returns as soon as possible and help ease the process in the meantime. As always, you can contact your customer rep at