Hiring Update from the New York City Commission on Human Rights

December 12, 2022
Brand's Paycheck

As of November 1st, New York City employers must disclose salary ranges on all posted job ads, promotions, and transfer opportunities. Required salary transparency will be in effect for all businesses with at least four employees or one domestic worker. This new requirement extends to employment agencies.  

The New York City Human Rights Law update will encompass all internal and external posting methods, digitally and physically. The salary range must include the specific minimum and maximum offer, whether salaried or hourly. Salary ranges cannot be open-ended, for example, “$17 per hour and up” or “maximum $55,000 per year.”  

Benefits or compensation packages are not necessary to comply with salary transparency.

For example:

  • Health, life, or other employer-provided insurance.
  • PTO: sick or vacation days, leaves of absence, or sabbaticals.
  • Retirements plans or saving funds.
  • Severance packages.
  • Overtime pay.
  • Commissions, tips, bonuses, stock, etc.    

First offenses are pardonable if amended within 30 days of receiving a notice of violation. Employers may be fined up to $250k for subsequent or unresolved violations.

To clarify your rights and responsibilities, contact the Commission on Human Rights for further information or to sign up for a free workshop.

  • 212-416-0197