Fresh Look, Fresh Service

November 19, 2020

Hotter than a freshly printed paycheck, smoother than the roll of a new conference room chair, today, Brand’s is proud to show off our renewed visual identity.

Brand’s new style visualizes the evolution of our brand and services.

We are proud of our commitment to building personal relationships—so proud that we incorporated it right into our logo. The speech bubble gets to that core of Brand’s enduring success: great communication with our clients. We listen. We find solutions that are right for YOUR business. We put our clients first, and we want you to know that every time you see our name.

The wordmark communicates our knowledge and experience, which can only be acquired by a company that has built a 45-year legacy of helping businesses. The custom typeface was inspired by stenciled shipping crates that have forever lined the industrial Brooklyn Navy Yard, which Brand’s calls home.

This new visual identity is just another step in our mission of simplifying the burden on business owners. It ties together our multitude of services and technologies into one cohesive look that is modern and easy on the eyes. The fresh, minimalist style offsets the complexities associated with finances - because we sweat the details, while you access the most hassle-free and simple way to control your payroll and HR needs.

Brand’s. Keeping your business in check.