The Top Key Benefits for Employee Retention

October 7, 2022
Brand's Paycheck

One of the most important jobs an employer has is looking out for their team. Providing benefits for your employees not only helps with employee retention but also ensures that they feel respected and valued. Unfortunately, benefits can be costly and time consuming. Luckily, Brand’s is here to help you out!

  • 401(k) Plans: With Brand’s 401(k) administration, our system will sync your employees’ plans to their payroll and help navigate through any IRS paperwork and transaction fees.
  • Insurance Plans: Finding the best possible insurance plans for your employees can be a long and complicated hassle. That’s why Brand’s will help you find the perfect broker for your business.
  • On-Demand Wages: With Brand’s, your employees no longer have to worry about waiting for payday to cover emergency expenses. Through our payroll system, employees can take out payday loans at any time.