Top 3 Reasons to Use EmployeeDeck

November 10, 2022
Brand's Paycheck

Brand’s EmployeeDeck was designed to make handling payroll easier for every single employee. But what exactly does this tool have to offer?

1.      Easy Access to Payroll: Whether your employees want to check on their most recent paycheck, review their pay history, or set up a new direct deposit account, EmployeeDeck makes it easy through one intuitive portal.

2.      Keep Track of Tax Information: With EmployeeDeck, not only can employees instantly view their tax withholdings, W-2s, 1099s, or any other annual tax documents, but they can also update any important information whenever they need to.

3.      It’s Free to Use: That’s right, EmployeeDeck is available for employees of any Brand’s clients completely free of charge!

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